Bagni Oreste zona 115 Riccione Adriatico - Gemmano -
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Number of residents : 1.012
Height sea : m 404
Distance from Riccione : km 19

The history of the municipality

Legend has it that the name derives from Gemma Gemmano in hand. It is said that an Etruscan soldier has been killed by Romany while carrying a ring to the "girlfriend". So the origins of the name may derive from the Roman. On the slopes of the hill there are remains of Roman civilization not yet brought to light. From exhibits and documents showed that the place since then have been identified as "gemiinum fund". Subsequently, the town belonged to Malatesta and the Papal States until the unification of Italy. The three hills that dominate the municipality built castles Onferno Marazzano Gemmano, of which there are still the remains partially restored. Legend has it that Dante Alighieri, after stopping by Count Ugolino of Faggiola while fleeing from Florence to Ravenna to go down the valley of Conca, has been a refugee in the caves Carsiche Onferno (originally called Hell) and the same has inspired write the song. The emblem of the municipality that depicts a hand shaking a ring, placed on three mountain peaks, representing three castles Gemmano.

The main attractions

The town of Gemmano called the Balcony "on the Adriatic views that can be admired by his findings and balconies, is located within the valley of the Conca. In the hamlet of Onferno arose park fitted with caves and Onferno Oriented nature reserve. The landscape and natural beauty, combined with charm and mystery of the Caves (the most important of its kind across the Romagna) are destination for sightseeing and science. Also on the municipality exists Corporate Animal-Venatoria hunting for a fee, and an installation for the skeet shooting, which are a destination for fans throughout the year.