Bagni Oreste zona 115 Riccione Adriatico - Misano -
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Number of residents : 11.241
Height sea :from 0 to 200 m

The history of the municipality

The archaeological finds in various eras, but especially in recent decades, have come to light in our territory, demonstrating without a doubt the origin of Roman Misano. The name derives from a base of many families moved from Lazio in the countryside Rimini (ager ariminensis) 3 century BC should be a certain "Gens Mesia" which, for military or other merits, succeeded in obtaining extensive lands in our area. It was in the tradition of Rome reward in this way, war veterans or anyone else had made considerable service to the country. In the first centuries after the Roman conquest in the territory rose misanese various inhabited, especially in areas dell'Agina, Santamonica and Belvedere and later also in the hills behind (Ca'-Gallo, Misano Monte, Terrabianca, etc..).The history of Misano, dating back to 1 millennium of the Common Era, which is clouded by time and lack of valid documents, are interwoven with those of Rimini that since 90 BC had become Latin Cologne law. But our territory assumed some importance when there was built in the parish of 997 Sant'Erasmo, the oldest in the area. For over two centuries, specifically from 1295 to 1528, Misano was under the domination of Malatesta who did erect a castle which are not still, unfortunately, that the arc of access and the tower. Extinct Malatesta dynasty, Romagna and then also Misano, it became part of the Papal States, whose jurisdiction lasted almost continuously until the unification of Italy.Done memorable of that period was his erection autonomous community, which occurred in 1511, as is clear from a document still available at our municipal archive. Following lost several times administrative independence for financial reasons, so having support at this hour and at that hour Neighbour. Only in the 1827 regained finally separated from San Giovanni in Marignano. However, just over a century later (1935), still runs the risk of losing the benefit of the nearby town of Cattolica, which called for the annexation of the territory misanese requirements for the development of the tourist seaside resort, already thirsting for beach .In 1938 With measure of presiedente Council Mussolini, the country lost the nickname "Villa Vittoria" whose origin dates back to the last century (1862), to take one of Misano Adriatico "which still retains"."Misano is and will remain an autonomous municipality, as long as agriculture remains common" with this statement Mussolini, as well as ensuring the administrative autonomy of the country, he decreed the rural vocation. But in the minds of misanesi were already maturing those germs that have radically transformed our economic system. Then there was the long war and hence, the difficult rebirth. From the moment the story of Misano is interwoven with that of its tourism development that after lukewarm beginning of the thirties, will realizzandosi fully after the transfer of municipal headquarters (1949) by today Misano Monte coast in the area. That fateful and, in some ways, painful decision has produced positive effects: Misano today is one of the voices of the growing international tourism.